Elizabeth’s Priorities

Good Government. No Frills.

Access to Quality Healthcare

Cut through red tape and fund critical services so all Texans can get the healthcare they need.

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Texans need access to quality healthcare. We have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation, we’re last in the nation for insurance coverage, and those who are insured struggle to find in-network providers for the healthcare they need. I will fight to:

  • Ensure all Texans have access to high-quality healthcare
  • Cut through the red tape to provide care for low-income children
  • Fund critical women’s health services like prenatal care and cancer screenings

Education as a Real Priority

No more lip service. Prioritize schools and teachers and bring standards to the nation’s best.

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As a single mom raising two daughters who attend local Fort Worth public schools, I know firsthand how important our neighborhood schools are, even while parents are helping to teach at home, and teachers are teaching remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. I will push to: 

  • Raise teacher pay
  • Make sure families have access to the tools they need for remote learning
  • Make sure teachers have the training they need to support our students with new social-distancing policies

Local Self-Governance

Don’t let Austin ride roughshod over our communities.

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Our ability to self-govern is essential, but state politicians keep interfering in decisions that impact our local communities. Whether to offer paid sick leave or protect our environment, we must hold firm on our ability to do what’s best for our communities. I will take a stand to:

  • Strengthen the bounds of city and county ordinances
  • Stand up to interference from partisan politicians in Austin

Safe and Fair Workplaces

Raise wages, attract great jobs, and make work safe and fair for all Texans.

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I know what it’s like to live in the margins. That’s why I believe that everyone deserves a fair shot, and will always fight to: 

  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Expand job training apprenticeships
  • Protect pensions
  • Ensure women earn equal pay for equal work
  • Guarantee paid sick days for working families

Infrastructure to Support our Growth

Support our growth and create high-paying jobs with smart infrastructure investments.

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We live in one of the fastest-growing communities in Texas, and we need to invest in infrastructure to support it. We need to stop shifting the burden of new construction to individual Texans and come together to make transportation, public facilities, and technology work for us. I will collaborate with state and local leaders to: 

  • Build safe, reliable, multi-modal transportation systems
  • Create high-quality jobs through investment in public works and technology
  • Construct and maintain energy-efficient facilities and structures

Support the Military

Keep our promises to veterans and their families.

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Keep the promises we made to those who wear the uniform and serve our nation in the military by fully supporting service members and their families – both during and after their service. The military adds over $100 billion to the Texas economy. Veterans make up nearly 8 percent of our population. As an Iraq war veteran, I know how important it is to support our service members and their families while they are in uniform and after they return home to civilian life.

Racial Justice

Make our criminal justice system “just” for all Texans – from police to prisons.

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Whatever your race, background or zip code, no mother should fear that her child will not make it home. I am committed to working so every Texan shares in our prosperity. In the Army, we’re taught  to never leave anyone behind. It’s time that Texas stop leaving our communities of color behind. We need leaders who believe in the promise of America, and will fight to ensure that promise is kept for everyone – I am committed to being that leader

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